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Sohu Sina hero beyond the seating rearrangement

August 24, 2007, the foreign authority Alexa web traffic statistics web site to the latest statistics show that the Sohu Web site traffic and overall ranking these two effects affect the advertising value and the key indicators, domestic websites have been ranked for two weeks first place. Similarly, sponsored by the China Internet Society of China website ranking points ChinaRank the rankings, Sohu jumped from the recent top. China's Internet media boutique iResearch recommended (iWebchoice) in the recommended position on the portal, Sohu also the first place.

Alexa's data show that single-user average number of pages open Sohu Online (PV value per capita) 13.2, Sina, this indicator is 9.2, Sohu Sina more than 43%. The data also show that per capita, PV values are rising at a rate of 9%, compared with Sina to 3% of this target rate of decline.

Sina and Sohu, the competition a long time, and now the two are a pair of enemies. Sohu Sina is now beyond rare, because in the past has been a slightly better Sina, Sohu this then mean that the suppression of Sina an emancipated? Is still not entirely sure, but at least we can see that Sohu is changing, and this change to bring some of its effects, at least that Sohu satisfactory results, after all, their position in advance, but also suppressed their old rival.

Sohu's change is a re-integration of their matrix, which is a feature of Sohu 3.0 times. Sohu change is a wide range of things as far as possible their own land together, although there are some difficulties, but seemed to work pretty good, Sohu in the integration process, the taste of some sweeteners.

Both found the dog, or alumni, different, or Pinyin input method, Sohu in the technology-driven on the road have more and more experience was. With Charles Zhang's words, is "technology-driven and product-oriented" strategy. The importance of technology and products, so that Sohu benefited. And sports linked together and the Olympic Games, Sohu is comprehensive, but also a grasp of the trend. Sohu's progress, but also on its 3.0 strategy achieved some results. Sohu portal Sohu 3.0 Matrix users open up the site and improve the efficiency of the user's browsing and enhance the user portal Sohu matrix residence time and number of clicks, as the main site portal Sohu matrix network within the beneficiary is normal.

We see that Sina and Sohu, the second-quarter earnings this year have been announced as of June 30, 2007 unaudited second quarter financial report Sina net revenue 59.8 million U.S. dollars, up 11% from a year earlier, Advertising revenue 41.2 million U.S. dollars, up 40% over last year, 18.6 million U.S. dollars of non-advertising revenues, down 23% from a year earlier. Sohu's second quarter results show that brand advertising revenues of 26.6 million U.S. dollars, up 38% over the same period the previous year, up 13% sequentially, advertising revenue reached 28.4 million U.S. dollars, up 24% over the same period last year, previous quarter 11%, non-advertising revenues of 10.6 million U.S. dollars. The total income of 39 million U.S. dollars, up 14% over last year, up 18% sequentially.

Clearly, both online advertising growth is no clear winner over last year have increased to some extent, but the rate of increase is not small. Now the Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the competition on the advertising, will become more intense. With Charles Zhang's words, "the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing Sohu has an absolute advantage. We are the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Internet Content Service Sponsor of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official website operators, CLEVELAND exclusive strategic partners and the Chinese sports delegation exclusive Internet content partners. a variety of roles and identities to enable us to further expand the content and bring more users, traffic, and new advertisers, so that advertising revenue continued to grow rapidly. "

However, we do not forget to Sina's Olympic League, although the two sides are still a war of words, but if they can not straighten out this relationship well, then compete in Olympic advertising, how and who can share more profits say. Sohu in the integration of resources has made certain achievements, ranking beyond Sina, is gratifying, however, if the advertising battle in the Olympic Games can not be made to strengthen some of their own relationship, then who the winner is hard to say.

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